The manufacturing excellence incorporated in the latest QTech Airless machines allows for a much improved warranty to be offered. Applying to all QTech (QT range only) electric airless sprayers purchased January 2020 onwards the cover provided is unique to the industry – another compelling reason to take a fresh look at QTech.

Lifetime Motor & Gearhead WarrantyPlus


The motor and gearhead assembly are warranted to the original purchaser under normal use and service against manufacturing and material defects for the product lifetime.

1Year Piston & Packings WarrantyPlus


Should the piston and/or packings need replacing within one year of the original purchase this will be carried out at an ASC (Approved Service Centre) at no cost to the purchaser. This is limited to a one-time change only within the warranty period.

2+1 Year Defect WarrantyPlus


Additional to the Lifetime and 1Year warranties all other components (excluding wearing parts, see list below) of QTech airless sprayers are warranted under normal use and service against manufacturing and material defects for two years from date of original purchase, extendable for a further year by registering here within 3 months of purchase.


Excluded wearing parts

  • Piston (other than one-time only change as above)
  • Packings (other than one-time only change as above)
  • Prime valve

This warranty applies only to QTech electric airless sprayers that have been purchased through an approved dealer of Aristospray Ltd 1 January 2020 onwards. Such QTech airless sprayers must be for the purchaser’s own use, not for hire purposes. Where a claim under the terms of this warranty needs to be made this should be submitted to the selling dealer.

2+1 Year WarrantyPlus

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