About us

Paintbox Pro AS in Trondheim owns Prospray.
We are a wholesaler and importer of several leading brands in equipment and solutions for industrial cleaning, painting, and various other surface treatments.

We base our business philosophy on an elementary principle:
Satisfied customers who operate profitably and efficiently buy more goods

We are, therefore driven by a desire to help our customers increase their profitability.

Our customers reduce time lost due to equipment problems and can thus spend the bulk of their time on productive, revenue-generating activities.

Our contribution to this is:
High Quality | Reduced downtime
Fast service | Ensures help and answers at the right time
Customer Support 24/7 | Allows customer to record inquiries 24/7 via our support solution*
Proper Price | Ensures a high level of service without overpayment by the customer

*) Personalized round-the-clock response is available through dedicated service agreements